2019 Obstacle 1: Jumper's knee

After too much running, high intensity interval training and kettlebell swings in December I’m having some issues with my knees. Based on the symptoms I assume I have the beginning stage of Patellar tendonitis aka jumper’s knee. As a consequence I already have to change my training plans for 2019 :-).

My new schedule for January looks like this:

  • no running, probably until the summer
  • low cycling volume at low to medium intensity, so no intervals
  • back to 50 kettlebell swings per session, twice weekly but skip the first week
  • low impact knee exercises, starting next week

Next to these changes, I still plan to:

  • play squash once
  • 30 out of 36 days at 9pm to bed
  • 30 days 3 meals a day (no snacks)

And because my schedule freed up quite a bit I’ll have more time for my other goals for the year, such as posting my book notes, studying aikido and following a few yoga lessons.