Monthly Update January 2019

In this post I’d like to give a short update on my progress on my 2019 goals. For more background information see my list of goals for 2019 and my December 2018 update.

What can I say, 2019 hasn’t really started like I expected it would. First, the holiday season left me more tired then I started them. Although I hardly worked and wasn’t particularly stressed it didn’t feel like vacation at all. I think I’ll have to call January from now on “the blue month”.

As for my goals, I wanted to sleep more by going early to bed (30 out of 36 days at 9pm to bed). I managed this reasonably, didn’t experience any sleep deprivation. But, as I said before, I didn’t feel particularly energised so I guess I’ll have to try this again in another month. I also experienced quite a bit of resistance from my environment for going to bed “too early” and I naturally shifted back to more “normal” but with rarely going to bed late like I used to regularly do.

My food related goal of limiting my snacking started very well but half way through I started to have more and more “failures”. I was also rather disappointed that even when I wasn’t snacking at all I still managed to gain weight by eating more during my 3 meals in order to avoid hunger. On a side note, I also experienced more headaches, with a few them that appeared to be linked to being hungry.

As for playing squash and tennis, which both were planned in January and February, I’ll have to postpone them to later in the year as my knee is still not 100% ok. I’ve also temporarily stopped running and I’m only cycling 30 to 60 minutes per week.

My main achievements for this month have been that I’m still only drinking water and tea and that I followed 3 yoga lessons.

My stats for this month:

  • cycling: 1h50 (52km)
  • running: 0
  • pull ups: 200
  • kettlebell swings: 340
  • weight: 85kg :-(
  • yoga lessons: 3 :-)
  • aikido lessons: 5
  • blog posts: 2
  • book highlights: 2 drafts posts are almost done

For February, I plan to train my ability to have mental images. Next to this I’d really like to go floating and follow a Wim Hof course. Hopefully, my knee will continue healing so that I can up the the cycling duration and intensity. But, more importantly I hope that I’ll feel more energetic in the coming days and week.