Monthly Update February 2019

February is over, so time for my seconde update on my progress on my 2019 goals (see also my December and January updates).

Generally my mood levels for February where higher than last month. I start to pay some attention to my diet and lost some of the weight I gained in the previous months. I also went to a few more yoga lessons and continued my aikido practice.

As for my goals, I did practice my visualization skills but didn’t practice nearly enough and thus didn’t achieve any breakthroughs. But, I did go floating this week which was an interesting, albeit expensive, experience. I booked a one hour session and it took me a long time to fully relax but at some point that felt near the end of that hour I was “gone”. When I “came back” into the world the session was almost over. The hardest for me to get relaxed was that I was still using the muscles in my neck to keep my head up because even submerging my head up to the borders of my eyes was not enough to have my head fload. Luckly, there were some floating aids for my head which I managed to put in a good position to finally be able to relax my neck. In conclusions, I’m not sure I’ll ever do it again as it was rather expensive but if I do I’ll book a longer session.

My knee is still hurting so I didn’t make any progressions on my sport goals and I’ve already moved some of them to later this year. I visited a doctor and have a scan scheduled beginning of March. Hopefully, I’ll be able to bike without pain soon, as the weather is getting very nice for some cycling. I’ve made some small progress on my other goals like processing my book highlights but generally I’ve been reading a lot of comics and some TV instead of working on these goals. On the plus side: I’m still only drinking water and tea.

My stats for this month:

  • cycling: 1h46 (50km)
  • running: 0
  • pull ups: 150
  • kettlebell swings: 120
  • weight: 84kg
  • yoga lessons: 3 :-)
  • aikido lessons: 5
  • blog posts: 1
  • book highlights: 3 drafts done/1 in progress

For March, I want to continue losing weight and I will focus on creation instead of consumption, so limit my reading, TV, news, …