Monthly Update December 2018

In this monthly update I want to share my progress on my list of 100 things. In general it was a very mixed month with some very good days but also lots of difficulties to keep motivated and failing to keep my food urges under control and going to bed early enough.

100 kettlebell swings in a row

This month I’ve been swinging twice weekly with in the first week 75 swings per session and in the second half of the month 100 swings per session for a grand total of 700 swings. In order to give my left knee some rest (see running) I skipped some kettlebell swings in the last week of the year. Currently, I’m able to do 40 to 50 swings in one set.

25 straight pull ups

Currently, I’m aiming to do a total of 25 pull ups twice weekly to maintain my strength (±200/month). I still have a lot of progression to make as I’m at the moment only able to do around 5 straight pull ups at a time. But this is fine is I don’t plan to achieve this goal before 2020.


Due to circumstances and low motivation I’ve done a bit less cycling then I could have but I still did almost 14 hours of cycling in 12 sessions. To prepare for the upcoming 250 km ride in April I’ll have to put in some longer rides in the next few months.


This month I ran for almost 4 hours in 5 sessions. I participated in a fundraiser race where I ran around 19 km which was quiet a bit more then my usual 5-6 km runs and left me with sore muscles and a lightly swollen and painful knee (jumper’s knee?) :-|.

If my knee improves quickly after some rest, I want to participate in a 10 km trail run in February after which I will probably quit running for a few months in order to focus on cycling.


As I already mentioned, weight is the biggest pain point of the month and the holiday season is not really helping. From January onwards I want to really focus on this by sleeping more and restricting the number of times I eat per day.


As usual, I’ve been practicing weekly at the dojo. Next to that I also went to a 4 hour seminar and watched some downloaded YouTube videos with the NewPipe app twice weekly to keep the techniques in my head.

Water and tea

Not that I was a regular alcohol or soda drinker but still want to restrict myself to water and tea for a year as I feel I only need water and an occasional cup of tea in my life. I’ve had my last beer on december 15 (an excellent SUPER 8 IPA) and gently declined all cava and other drinks at Christmas and New Year. I have set the following the rules for this challenge:

  • only water and tea without sugar
  • energy drinks on bike rides and runs of more than 1 hour are ok
  • drinking something else by accident or when there really is no choice is ok

Notes, ideas, to do’s etc.

I haven’t really started working on this so have nothing to report. I’ve been trying to consume less content but haven’t started to replace it with action yet (except for this website off course).

Next month

I plan to add the following things:

  • play squash once
  • prepare for bed at 9pm for 30 out of 36 days
    • things still allowed after 9pm: kettlebell swings, cuddling, meditation, showering and brushing teeth
  • eat only 3 meals a day with no snacks for 30 days in a row